BRP, the Canadian recreational vehicle brand, offers a unique platform for jet-skiing which combines comfort with new sensations! Grégory Derlon, Marketing Manager at Seadoo France, explains the advantages of this product which is shaking up the jet ski market.

  • What are the advantages of the new Sea-Doo platform?

    The goal of the BRP is to offer a machine which provides maximum comfort and stability to be able to take longer trips. The new hull has several advantages; it is more ergonomic with a lower seat that allows you to tackle rough water at high speed or with three passengers. The platform now allows you to attach a suitcase, cooler or gas can to the back. In addition, the chair is disengaged to create user friendliness on the machine when it is stopped. The idea is to create a real “lounge on board” to be able to share new moments on the water.

  • What about its performance?

    These new platforms are lighter, allowing a better power-to-weight ratio. So, by reducing the weight of the machine by 40 kilos, they offer better acceleration. In addition, when designing the platform, BRP paid particular attention to the creation of a new handlebar. It is fully adjustable so it optimizes the driving position for better control.

  • What differentiates BRP from other recreational vehicles on the market?

    Innovation is an integral part of the company’s DNA. BRP was the first to invent IBR, an electronic brake system on the water. Other innovations such as D Sibel technology to reduce noise pollution as well as our closed circuit cooling system to prevent salt deposits in the engine have helped to place BRP ahead of its competitors.