Phytoquant continues its policy of lower prices

Nicola Frassanito, CEO PhytoQuant and Solavie

The Phytoquant company is considered innovative and original, due not ony to the performance of its products (well known nutritional supplements) but also its unique philosophy. Since its creation in 2004, the Phytoquant company which has shown steady growth each year has decided to lower its price in order to make their products more accessible to a larger audience. Nicola Frassanito, founder and current General Director explains, “Today our products are 16.5% less expensive per unit than in 2004. So the price of Quantaflore, for example, which treats digestive problems was 24.50 Euro whereas today, it is 20.50 Euro. In terms of purchasing products in bulk, the price per unit goes down about 25%, not including free shipping which provides an additional discount.”

At a time when the economic crisis strongly impacted businesses, our policies remained the same. “First and foremost, it is customer loyalty that has allowed me to follow through with my philosophy.”  explains Nicola Frassanito. “The success of our products and consistent sales growth has allowed me to give back to the customers. Lowering the price is one way to say thanks for their loyalty but also to give others the possibility to more easily access our products.”  With a customer satisfaction rate of nearly 70%, the Phytoquant products have maintained their quality over the years. However, there is no mystery surrounding its development. The manufacturing process is described in a documentary that anyone can vivew on their website This success is not a coincidence and it has allowed Nicole Frassanito to follow his own philosophies. “I am convinced of the theraputic power of  nutritional supplements.”  He concludes. “Since the creation of Phytoquant, my objective is to remain ethical. In terms of my professional success, providing a way for people who are suffering to benefit from our products is the biggest satisfication in my life.”