The double inconstancy of Marivaux at La Comédie Française

La Double Inconstance de Marivaux - Mise en scene Anne Kessler - avec : - Catherine Salviat (un seigneur) - Eric Genovese (Trivelin) - Florence Viala (Flaminia) - Loic Corbery (Le Prince) - Stephane Varupenne (Arlequin) - Georgia Scalliet (Lisette) - Adeline D'Hermy (Sylvia) - Scenographie : Jacques Gabel - Costumes : Renato Bianchi - Lumieres : Arnaud Jung - Realisation sonore et video : Nicolas Faguet - Comedie-Francaise - Salle Richelieu - novembre 2014

There is no disagreement that The Double Inconstantcy by Marivaux is a classic. The story of Silvia and Arlequin whose love was disturbed by the prince that set his sights on this young woman first premiered at the Italian Theater in Paris in 1723. The contemporary version by Anne Kessler, however, is very different. The refined sceneography of Jacque Gabel and the modern costumes by Renato Bianchi offer a different interpretation of the original play. We also like the excellent interpretation by the cast, most notably of Adeline D’Hermy (Silvia), Stéphane Varupenne (Arlequin), and Loïc Corberry (the prince).

Until 1 march 2016, salle Richelieu, Comédie Française, 1 place Colette, 75001 Paris