A 100% organic 4-hand menu at Monte Carlo Beach

Monte-Carlo-Paolo-Sari-et-Alain-PassardTo get the 2016 season underway and to celebrate the sharing of talent, Paolo Sari invites chef Alain Passard to the Elsa gastronomic restaurant.

On International Women’s Day, the exceptional and long-standing Monte-Carlo Beach venue shall get Monaco‘s summer season off to a start. Paolo Sari, executive chef at Monte-Carlo Beach, unique in owning an organic Michelin star, shall be welcoming this great chef, who is equally as enthusiastic about and respectful of natural products. Together they will create an exceptional menu to exalt the taste buds and to share the organic values they both hold dear. Created with four hands and four stars, this menu puts environmentally-friendly convictions in the spotlight.

The Monte-Carlo Beach is a legendary venue, the incarnation of a Riviera-style way of life. His restaurant Elsa, an exceptional gastronomic address, has an unparalleled aura, maintained by Paolo Sari whose 100% organic philosophy, his constant quest for the right product and his perception of self-respect project it to the front of the international scene.